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Real estate lawyer in Alachua

Darryl J. Tompkins is a real estate lawyer serving both residential and commercial clients in the Alachua County area. Our office handles a number of different facets of real estate law including title insurance and closings, and we have the years of experience needed to provide you with solid service. Please take a look at some of our specialty areas below, and then contact us with any questions you may have about what we can do for you. We'll be glad to speak with you.

Residential real estate

Let Darryl J. Tompkins P.A. guide you through the purchasing, selling or refinancing process, including all the legal paperwork needed to close on real property. We have helped many clients navigate the legal side of purchasing or selling property, and have experience with everything from vacant land to large estates. We can assist you in making sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish.
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Commercial real estate

Darryl J. Tompkins P.A. has handled many large and small commercial real estate transactions. Commercial real estate can sometimes become complex, and with over three decades of experience, we know how to handle situations as they arise. Call us to learn more.

Other legal services

In addition to the standard real estate services listed above, Darryl J. Tompkins P.A. is also able to perform related legal matters, such as handling probate, preparing wills, living wills, and powers of attorney and provide other types of legal assistance when needed. Let us know what your circumstances are, and we will let you know what we can do to help you. Call our office for more details.

Why you need a real estate attorney involved in your closing

  1. We have the knowledge to guide you through a real estate transaction.
  2. We will make sure you are legally represented and we are ethically obligated to act in your interest.
  3. We are here to protect your interests and explain the terms of your contract or mortgage so you understand every aspect of the transaction.
  4. We will educate you in every facet of the transaction.
    1. Examine the title to the property
    2. Explain and resolve issues found
    3. Explain the transaction
    4. Perform the closing
    5. Issue title insurance
    6. Draft the Contract
  5. A real estate attorney has the experience you need to make sure your closing goes as planned. 


Q: Why does The Florida Bar have a program for certifying a lawyer as a specialist in an area of law?
Answer: Board certification helps consumers find a lawyer who has demonstrated ability and experience in specialized fields of law. Certification helps lawyers, too, by giving them a way to make known their experience to the public and other lawyers. By requiring a lawyer to continue his or her legal education in specialty fields, certification also helps improve competence. 

Q: In what areas of the law can a lawyer be certified as a specialist?
  1. Admiralty and Maritime
  2. Appellate Law
  3. Business Litigation
  4. Civil Trial
  5. City, County and Local Government 
  6. Criminal Law
    1. Trial
    2. Appellate
  7. Elder Law
  8. Health Law
  9. Immigration and Nationality
  10. Marital and Family Law
  11. Real Estate Law
  12. Tax Law
  13. Wills, Trusts and Estates
  14. Workers' Compensation
Q: How does a lawyer qualify?
Answer: To become a certified specialist, a lawyer must:
  1. Be an active member in good standing of The Florida Bar
  2. Have practiced law for a minimum of five years
  3. Pass a written examination in the specialty area
  4. Demonstrate substantial experience in the specialty area
  5. Complete approved continuing legal education programs
  6. Have the ability and experience in the specialty field favorably evaluated by judges and other lawyers
Q: How long is lawyer certified?
Answer:  Certification is granted for five years. To be re-certified, requirements similar to those for initial certification must be met.

Q: How can consumers know whether a lawyer is a certified specialist?
Answer:  Only a lawyer certified by The Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization and Education is entitled to state that he or she is "board certified" or a "specialist" on business cards, letterhead, in legal directories and yellow pages of the telephone directories. In addition, certified lawyer directories are published annually and sent to libraries and local bar associations throughout Florida. Consumers may also contact the office of The Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization and Education.
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